4 Best Secure Bitcoin Gold Wallets 2019

Are you looking for a secure Bitcoin Gold wallet? Bitcoin Gold is a hard fork of Bitcoin in the year 2017 with an aim to fix the design flaws.

On the other side, there exist a lot of similarities between Bitcoin Gold and the original Bitcoin.

For instance, both are decentralised forms of cryptocurrencies. But you need to make sure that any wallet you select to store your Bitcoin Gold currencies is entirely safe and compatible.

secure bitcoin gold wallet

It is so because a plethora of Bitcoin wallets do not usually support this newer form of digital currency. Bitcoin Gold is a new concept in the world of cryptocurrency and hence you would find a few options for storing Bitcoin Gold (BTG) currencies.

Moreover, you need a reliable/secure BTG wallet because a good wallet would also facilitate sending and receiving transactions with other BTG users.

At present, there are only a few verified wallets for storing Bitcoin Gold coins, and here we have compiled the most secured BTG wallets.

Just in case, if you are investing for the first time in BTG, then you should consider these relevant facts:

5 Relevant Facts To Consider For New Investors:

It is a widely accepted fact that cryptocurrencies are speculative and they comprise of significant risks.

Furthermore, they are highly volatile and are quite sensitive to secondary activity.

The performance of BTG currencies is unpredictable, and the past performance of them does not guarantee future performance.

Here is the list of individual facts that one should take into account in case they are new to the world of cryptocurrencies.

  1. BTG wallets comprise a 32 digit address which is vital to send and receive the cryptocurrencies.
  2. You always have to keep the key of the BTG wallet safe. Ensure that you do not share it with anyone as you would lose all the currencies in your purse.
  3. It is highly improbable that someone would steal all your cryptocurrencies. But if you forget or share your wallet key with someone else, then you can lose out on the savings of your valuable cryptocurrencies.
  4. The information related to your BTG wallet is always public. It usually implies that the user using your address can ever see the number of coins you have. However, this does not mean that anyone can steal your BTG currencies.
  5. It is vital to note that the address and password of your wallet are entirely two different things. When you opt for creating an account in the purse, it usually makes way for a phrase of random characters. This is the key to your BTG wallet which you need to keep in a safe place.

Best Reliable BTG Wallets Available 2019

Now as you know about the cryptocurrency facts, let’s take a look at the best Bitcoin Gold Wallets that you can try in 2019.

1. Coinomi

It is a great multi crypto online purse. This means that you can use it to store hundreds of different cryptocurrencies which also includes a variety of altcoins.

On the other side, a highlighting factor of Coinomi lies in the fact that the code is open source in nature.

Moreover, the private keys are always kept securely on the device in which you are working.


Quite interestingly, a slight disadvantage of this wallet is that it is only available for Android platforms.

However, it supports up to 80 BTG coins. It is that type of an online BTG wallet that has native support for Bitcoin.

It supports the continuous integration of tokens and critical altcoins. Also offers excellent security to the users as the private keys of this wallet never leaves your Android device.

Coinomi comprises of strong wallet encryption which further ensures that all your funds are safe.

Furthermore, it has no KYC verification and IP association. These two aspects make it a good BTG wallet in which you can store your coins.

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2. The Ledger Nano S Bitcoin Wallet

It is one of the best wallets that are available in the current market of BTG coins.

Ledger Nano S also has the unique prestige of being one of the most trusted BTG wallets. Quite interestingly, it fulfils all the needs of the users when it comes to storing the BTG coins securely at one place.

ledger nano s wallet

Ledger Nano S Bitcoin Wallet does support other altcoins too. It also comes with a small OLED screen so that it controls various types of transactions. It usually costs the users around 60 dollars.

Hence, it is quite cheap when compared to the other popular BTG wallets out there in the market.

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3. Freewallet

It is that kind of a wallet with the assistance of which you can store and manage digital currencies.

This BTG wallet facilitates practicality in this new world of BTG coins. In this context, it is important to note that with Freewallet, your funds are always safe. It is so because if you tend to lose your Android or iOS device, you would be able to freeze your account.


You can also add security measures to this BTG wallet by enabling a plethora of codes.

Freewallet also comprises of a quick transaction process, and the users do not need to worry much about the original currency.

It also comes with the feature of inbuilt coin storage. This ensures that all the assets get stored in the offline mode.

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4. The Guarda Wallet

The Guarda Wallet is a secure wallet which is suitable for Blockchain assets.

Interestingly, it’s a recently launched. It is an EU based company and comes with various security measures.

These security measures are in the form of additional safety related to the private key and added layers of encryption. Even the company does not have access to the private keys of the users.

the guarda wallet

Hence, the private key is safe and secured and stays on the device only.

The user interface of this BTG wallet is one of the highlight aspects behind its popularity. This Bitcoin Gold wallet can facilitate transactions within a second.

However, it is currently available for the iOS devices only which can be a slight disadvantage for other BTG owners.

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Final Words

So, these are some of the best BTG wallets that you can try in 2019. However, it is expected that the cryptocurrency investors would see the emergence of more BTG wallets with improvised features and latest security layers.

We hope you find this post useful and try one the BTG wallets mentioned above. Do let us know us your thoughts on the above list. Also, if you are using any other BTG wallets, feel free to share it with us in the comment section below.